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Patient Speak

Patients tell us about how Liv.52 has helped them to lead healthier and happier lives!

“While all my tests were normal, there were a high number of enzymes in my liver. Medical consultants suggested that I undergo a liver biopsy, but I refused. Soon afterwards, I was introduced to Liv.52. Surprisingly, almost overnight, tests revealed that my enzyme level was now absolutely normal. Thank you Himalaya for a wonderful product!”

Patient from Frisco, United States 

“I have been using Liv.52 for the last thirty years! It’s a wonderful product that is extremely beneficial for the digestive system. It also helps to detoxify the liver.”

Patient from Kochi, India

“Liv.52 DS has many benefits. It improves appetite and overall liver function. But for me, it acts as a digestive soother, helping me to expel gas. I had been suffering from stomach disorders for the past eight years, but now, thanks to Liv.52 DS, I am back on track! Upon doctor’s advice, I recently took a liver function test. The result was absolutely normal. I have recommended this great product to many of my friends now!”

Patient from Karangalpady, India

“Liv.52 has worked wonders for my son who had very poor appetite. He was extremely nauseous and would often vomit at the sight of food. But, thanks to Liv.52, he is eating well. He is now a healthy boy of five, growing just as he should! In fact, I have also started taking Liv.52 for indigestion. We have recently shifted to Australia from India, but have remembered to stock up on Himalaya’s Liv.52! ”

Patient from Canberra, Australia

“I have just started using Liv.52 and my serum bilirubin levels have now become normal! I am really satisfied with this product! Well done Himalaya!”

Patient from Buraidah, Saudi Arabia

“My 78-year old mother was nearing kidney failure and was recommended dialysis. But, doctors were not confident to put her on dialysis because she was extremely underweight. A friend of mine recommended Liv.52. Within 20 days, her blood creatinine came down from 5.3 units to 4.3 units! It seems like she is gaining back her health and has a renewed vigor to eat! Doctors have also prescribed Liv.52 to me for poor liver function and so far, it is working really well for me!”

Patient from Moodbidri, India 

“My father contracted a terrible form of jaundice a few years ago. Nothing was working, until my doctor recommended Liv.52 tablets. Within a few weeks, my father was feeling much better! When I was also diagnosed with jaundice a few years later, Liv.52 was the first drug that I took!”

Patient from Hyderabad, India

“I asked a doctor friend whether he would recommend something to me that would improve my appetite, normalize my liver function and at the same time, have no side effects. He didn’t think twice before recommending Liv.52. The drug is extremely beneficial and over the years, it has garnered trust from both doctors and patients.”

Patient from Hooghly, India

“I’ve been using Liv.52 for many years now! To me, it’s like nectar! I can’t start the day without Liv.52 syrup to give me renewed energy!”

Patient from Chittorgarh, Rajashthan

“Liv.52 has improved the quality of my life and I cannot thank Himalaya enough. For many years, I was a poor eater and suffering from liver problems like jaundice. Thanks to Liv.52, I am much healthier and have a positive outlook to life again.”


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