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Liv.52 is recommended for the management of various liver-related health conditions. Over the years, it has become a doctor’s favorite. Select medical professionals tell us why they prescribe Liv.52.

Dr. Laxmi Sehgal (MBBS, DGO)

I have been prescribing Liv.52 regularly for over 5 decades now. Many chronic cases of hepatic congestion have been excellently managed by Liv.52.

Dr. Arun Kumar Mitra (MD, FRCOG, PhD(Lon), FICOG)

I have worked on jaundice in pregnancy, and use of Liv.52 in cholestatic jaundice. Empirical liver biopsy results show that Liv.52 reduces fatty changes in liver cells.

Dr. Ramakant Acharya S. (MBBS, DGO, DFP, FCPS)

I have been prescribing Liv.52 for almost 50 years in infective hepatitis, alcoholic cirrhosis of liver, chronic liver disease, and in children to increase appetite. I have treated a large number of patients with alcoholic liver cirrhosis successfully with Liv.52.

Dr. Mahadev Desai (MD(General Med), DNB)

Liv.52 is an excellent hepatic biliary stimulant for general debility, neurasthenia, and as a co-prescription with ATT. I have successfully treated a challenging case of hepatitis A with encephalopathy.

Dr. Habib Ullah Zargar (MBBS (Osmania), MS (AIIMS), FICS, FACS, FIMSA, FCICD)

Liv.52 is highly beneficial in hepatobiliary disorders. Liv.52 drops and syrup are liked by children, especially those who refuse to take any medicine. For past 50 years, Liv.52 tablets, syrup, and drops have helped me treat dyspepsia and jaundice in patients of all age-groups.

Dr. K.K. Chakravorty (MBBS, DTM, DPM)

Liv.52 acts as a good appetizer, good cholagogue, has antiviral property, is cost-effective, easy to swallow, and has very good patient compliance. A challenging case of infective hepatitis was successfully treated with Liv.52. It works remarkably without any side effects.

Dr. Gauri Dutta (MBBS, DGO, MO (Cal)

Since the onset of my practice in 1959, I have been using Liv.52 for my patients directly or indirectly suffering from liver diseases. In my opinion, Liv.52 is an excellent drug to use in all sorts of alimentary tract problems.One of the cases of long-continued constipation with anorexia and flatulent dyspepsia, was cured absolutely from maladies after taking Liv.52 for 6 months.

Dr. Govindabhai Patel (BMAS)

Liv.52 gives excellent results to my patients. I had a patient with ALT levels up to 187. After starting Liv.52, it reduced to 97, which is excellent.

Dr. Santosh Kumar (MD (TB & Chest Diseases)

I have prescribed Liv.52 in a variety of patients suffering from hepatitis, drug-induced hepatitis, jaundice and anorexia during pregnancy and cirrhotic conditions. I have found Liv.52 very effective in these conditions.

Dr. Vinayak C. Shah (MBBS)

I have been using Liv.52 since I started my medical practice. It is quite effective in cases of infective hepatitis and idiopathic anorexia. In drug-induced liver dysfunction, Liv.52 is very effective.





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