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The Liv.52 Story

Liv.52®, a phytopharmaceutical formulation designed for the treatment and management of liver disorders, is one of world’s top-selling herbal drugs. It is the only herbal medicine to be ranked amongst the top ten pharmaceutical products in India.

One of Himalaya’s earliest innovations, the road to Liv.52’s® discovery makes for an interesting story. The story begins in our R&D labs in 1950s when Himalaya was already making its presence felt in the Indian pharmaceutical industry with niche alternative medicine portfolio that included Serpina®, world’s first natural anti-hypertensive drug and Cystone®, the only herbal formulation available for the treatment of kidney stones.

To add to its product offerings, Himalaya’s scientists were working on a natural remedy to improve liver function. Clinical trials were being performed on several coded formulations and one of them, coded 52, showed remarkable results in the treatment of hepatitis of varied etiologies. Further tests showed that the coded formulation significantly improved liver functions. Doctors working on these clinical trials regularly wanted samples of formulation 52, which subsequently became Liv.52®, Himalaya’s flagship product, launched in 1955.

Backed by 250 clinical studies, Liv.52® has received widespread acclaim over the years. In 2004, a meta-analysis of 50 Phase III clinical trials, conducted over 30 years on 4,490 patients, was carried out to evaluate the long-term efficacy and safety of Liv.52® in hepatitis A. The cumulative data analysis revealed clinical and biochemical improvements with significant symptomatic control. In addition, there was highly significant reduction in the mean recovery period. Liv.52® is the only herbal drug with a meta-analysis study.

In many Russian hospitals Liv.52® is prescribed as an adjuvant in the treatment of tuberculosis to address the side effects of anti-TB drugs on the liver. Apart from this, Liv.52® is included by the American Botanical Council in the ABC clinical guide to herbs. The Intercantonal office of the Control of Medicines in Switzerland approves Liv.52® as a pharmaceutical specialty drug. Liv.52® is registered as a drug in over 65 countries. Marketed as Livercare® in United States, Liv.52 was awarded the ‘Best Supplement’ award in 2008 by Better Nutrition Magazine, a leading independent health magazine. In 2013, Liv.52 entered the Limca book of records as the highest selling herbal medicine brand in India.

Today, every second someone, somewhere in the world buys Liv.52®!