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Liver Facts

How well do you know your liver?

Liver performs hundreds of chemical functions that are essential for keeping you healthy. Here are some important facts about your liver:

  • Liver produces bile, which aids in the process of lipid/fat digestion
  • It detoxifies blood of toxins such as alcohol and drugs. Liver filters over a liter of blood each minute!
  • The organ stores minerals like iron and vitamins A, D, K and B12
  • Liver makes glucose from carbohydrates. Some of the glucose is transferred to the body to be used; the rest is stored away as a reserve, until your body requires it










  • It produces 80% of the ‘good’ cholesterol, which is extremely important for the body
  • Liver also manufactures new proteins when there is a lack of it
  • The organ is responsible for breaking down therapeutic ingredients in medicine, so that it is quickly absorbed by the body
  • It has coagulation capabilities, which helps in forming blood clots to stop blood flow when injured
  • It is 96% made from water
  • Liver can completely regenerate itself. Even if the organ is only 25% percent functional, it can still rebuild itself into a fully functional liver